Ever wonder how different life could be...

if you just gave up drinking?

Do you wonder how much more time, energy, money and motivation you could have without hangovers stealing your mornings?

You are not alone

If the thought of giving up alcohol sounds like hard work, deprivation, or just downright boring, you’re not alone. I used to think that too.

I’d take the occasional break of a fortnight or a month, but I always looked forward to getting to the end of it and drinking again.

Then I found out that some of the people who most inspired me didn’t really drink.

They looked so healthy, had so much energy and were killing it in their businesses.

I wanted those things too, so I decided it was time to try again and make it work this time.

7 simple steps to effortless, enjoyable sobriety

I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned from my personal experience; working with people who were trying to get their drinking in control and those who had already done so and were excelling at life; and my coach training, into 7 simple steps to effortless, enjoyable sobriety.

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